Coaching Packages

Coaching services come in a variety of options. I’m happy to tailor a package to suit your requirements. Connect with me to get the ball rolling.

The coaching approach I use is The Four Windows Process.FourWdw200X213 Based in the planning principles used in organizations across the world, it’s a proven approach. A step-by-step guide to using The Four Windows Process is covered in my book, The Plan.

Your initial consultation, 30 – 45 minutes, is provided at no charge to you. The initial consultation is a chance for us to connect, see if there’s a good fit and if we want to work together. No charge and no obligation.

If we decide to work together, here’s a sample of the types of options available to you:

Hourly Coaching, Pay as You Go

Career Support Package

This 6 week package includes:

  • 4 one hour video/telephone sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Skills Assessment using the tools developed in my book, The Plan: Personal Balance, Career Success, Financial Strength
  • Career Investigation: The identification of job objectives, the discovery of potential employers and career opportunities.
  • Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile development
    • 2 tailored resumes and cover letters
    • Customized LinkedIn profile
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking
    • Informational Interviews
    • Referrals
  • Offer: Negotiating
“Helen is among the unassuming but powerful individuals who make Canada a leader in the extensive development of mentoring and peer support.  As a letter writer to the Globe and Mail recently pointed out, unparalleled innovations like this receive too little attention but have much more to do with progress and how Canadians relate to each other.”      Ranjit Bhaskar, Journalist