You wouldn’t try to learn another language or take up a new sport without some help. Managing your career is no different. There are times when we all could use some help.

Some of those times are easy to spot, like when you’re entering the workforce for the first time, or coming back after some time away or when you find yourself unemployed. Other times, when you think you want to change careers or are feeling stuck in your job and not sure how to get unstuck, it may not be so clear that you could use some help.

Working with a coach means you’ve got someone by your side to help you find your path and create all the steps you need to take to get there. It can also mean getting assistance with the practicalities of career management: skills assessments, goal setting, resume and cover letter preparation, networking tools and interview preparation.

Helen set about creating a relationship that was comfortable, open and sincere. A great listener, she was genuinely curious, attentive and an active learner too. She focused on future possibilities..”        Ranjit Bhaskar, Journalist

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Helen is an Senior Associate Coach with The Business Success Coach Network which is recognized internationally as one of the Top 5 coach organizations serving the needs of companies, organizations and individuals.